Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shoe Girl

Dudes, you're going to see a bunch of entries on shops along Yiu Wah Street in Causeway Bay because I'm lazy and took photographs there (many of which are terrible to make up for the nice one I put up yesterday).

Mostly, even though Causeway Bay is such a touristy place, tourists only ever go to the big malls like Times Square or World Trade Centre. Why? What is wrong with you people? The best part about Causeway Bay is the little shops! Plus you get to wander around the streets of Hong Kong and appreciate its ambience. Ugh, people are so stupid, I don't know how I'm going to get through my detox this week.

Anyway, Shoe Girl is a shop that sells pain and suffering, as you can tell from the name and the sign.

I'll be honest: I didn't bother to pop in and check the prices because I didn't want to be tempted into buying anything. However, I assume shoes begin at about HKD700 and above, and leather bags probably start at about HKD1,500.

The leather bags and shoes look well made and not cheap.

This is what drew gasps of shock from me and my friends because we are old prudes. These bags and shoes are actually for little girls. TSK!

High heels for kids! This is just wrong. Even though I spend almost every day tottering about on five inches of heels, I didn't start wearing them regularly until after I came back from Italy five or so years ago. I just can't approve kids wearing heels like this.

Oh, this reminds me of something: I went with a teen-aged friend of mine to this "modeling agency" as her chaperone. Her mom and I couldn't convince her that these agencies were just out there to rip you off (ie. they'll sign you and make you pay for photographs and then get you shitty little jobs that pay pretty much nothing, assuming they even bother at all), so we decided that we would let her see for herself, but that I would go with her.

While we were waiting there, this Filipina lady was there with her two kids who she was hoping would be pop stars. I felt so sorry for her, dudes. She had dressed up her 12-year-old daughter in a really shiny prom dress, with shoes that were at least 2 sizes too big, and her 9-year-old son was wearing a tuxedo. Oh man...just the memory alone makes me sad.

She kept telling me how her kids were so talented in singing and dancing, and that her daughter had won some kind of singing competition at school, etc. I gently tried to suggest that perhaps the modeling agency was a bad idea and that she would be asked to pay out for things that wouldn't help her kids, but she got a bit irritated at me, so I shut up.

(As an aside, I know that people get angry when they hear the truth because they'd rather cling on to illusions, but I just can't logically comprehend it. Maybe I'm fucked up in the head but the way I see it, when someone tells me the truth, there's no point in being upset BECAUSE IT'S TRUE! What can anger do to change it? You just look like a fool being all angry about something that's real. You all need Buddha in your lives, tsk.)

Anyway, the agency charged her something really ridiculous (I think she said something like HKD8,000) to take a series of photographs of her kids and to videotape them singing. Ah well. The good thing is that my young friend was so taken aback and saddened by that family that she finally understood what her mom and I were trying to tell her.

Haha, I dig that they give you a feather pen to write with.

So many shoes! It's a good thing my friends were giving me the eye (I'd warned them ahead that I shouldn't be allowed to shop) and we didn't really linger.

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